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I’m a budding Entreprenuer, dreamer and idea maker.  I have started a blog to reach people in a personal way.  I want to share my knowledge and learn from others.  I want people to get involved and feel like they are part of creating a dream.  Tigerfly is a head to toe bath & body online boutique.  I’ll be asking for opinions, suggestions, help in naming new products.  I’ll be sending out free samples to those who are interested and asking for your feed back.  I have lots to learn and am eager to do so.  I have a B.A. degree of which I unfortunately don’t use but will share more of that in my blog. 

Read on and I hope you follow me on my journey.  You will also get to know the personal side of me as well.  I’ll also add articles on health, beauty, fitness and more.  I hope to make this fun for you to read and participate.  I inturn hope to learn more about myself and make new friends.



1. fred g - March 13, 2007

i hope this is the right site but i work with your husband sat khalsa. my name is fred. he gave me your website. have him give me a call at 480-678-3549.if this isn’t the right site just ignore this message

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