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Brittany crotch shots, well…ummm December 7, 2006

Posted by DMTigerfly in The Development of Tigerfly.

No shots… I guess Brittany’s croch wasn’t on my mind ’till I logged on here today and saw two post regarding it.  So…let me now get back on track and post my blog…that doesn’t include Brittany’s croch.  Sorry to disapoint!

What have I done lately to promote my company… nothing much to be honest.  I have great ideas in my head, I just have trouble implementing them.  In addition there are factors that also play into the delay of me moving forward.  There’s 5 of us in the family all buying for time on one computer.  To add to that I work a regular full time job, which leaves me feeling drained by the end of the day.  Plus I have a household to run when I get home.  So… my motivation is lacking between all these factors.  But probably the biggest hold back is financing. 

Now, I’ve read plenty of how to obtain financing, but I don’t want to owe anybody any money.  I don’t need that burden on my shoulders.  I don’t like owing people money.  I imagine this may come from being a poor single mom for years and owing money on things I didn’t have the money to pay for.  Maybe this is a bad business decision, but for me it’s the only decision at this time.

My challenge is to get people to know about my products while spending the least amount of money as possible.  That means being very creative and counting on your friends to help you network you with their friends and co-workers.  Next step is how to get them to buy.  Well… Try it you’ll like it!  We aren’t fancy, but for some reason people like paying for packaging as much as the product inside.  Yes, sure there is cheaper stuff out there as well…but I have learned that stuff is cheaper for a reason… its crap!  Not to actually say ALL of it is crap, but the majority of it is.  It’s made with cheap ingredients or a lower grade of quality.  I guess what I’m trying to say is a pretty package doesn’t guarantee a good product.  Being that my funds are limited… my packaging is not fancy, but my product is “pretty” so to speak.  It’s good stuff.  I love it, my friends tell me they love it… I just need more people to know about it and to love it too. 

 What it comes down to, is I need to get motivated again and get busy getting my product out there to people.  I will be brainstorming the best way to spend my money doing that.



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