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My Paranormal Experience October 31, 2006

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So honestly you question everyone’s paranormal experience.  Some are believable some are not, but either way they are still intriguing.  So here’s mine.  My oldest daughter when she was younger around 8 years old would tell me how she had someone who would stroke her back, hair or squeeze her hand lightly.  She said it mostly happened when she was upset, but that it would make her feel better.  Concerned me somewhat, but I didn’t want to discuss it too much with her as I didn’t want her to get scared.  As the years went by it seemed the nice spirits that were there had been replaced with not so nice ones.  She didn’t say much, but when she did she said she felt scared.  When we moved to a new apartment I had thought that maybe whatever it was would stop.  After moving into the new apartment it seemed all was ok until she started complaining that she would feel people or things around her.  She told me one night she heard someone sit in the blowup chair that sat next to her bed and could hear them breathing.  She stated she was too scared to open her eyes.  Another time she explained she saw what looked like a soldier from like the civil war was in her room.  Another occurrence she had gotten up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water from the kitchen and had seen a little girl in a white nightgown run down the small hallway past her room.  She was too scared to go back to her room that she sat in the living room with the lights on for about 2 hours before she went back to bed. 


Now admittedly I had to begin to question it and wonder if her imagination was getting the best of her.  She was about 12 years old during this time.  But her complaints kept continuing and she didn’t want to go to bed anymore.  She was going to be with Rosary beads and my reassurance that it was nothing and she’d be ok.  Now as any mom would do with their child you want to beat the crap out anyone who wants to harm them.  So one night after putting her to bed and frustrated with my daughters fear I decided I would speak to this thing…whatever it was.  So in my head, I yelled “Leave my daughter alone!  If you want to mess with someone then you can come see me, not a little girl!”  I honestly didn’t think much more of it and went to bed.  Within minutes of settling in to bed I heard this very evil laugh right next to my left ear.  Fear instantly shot through my body.  I opened my mouth to say my boyfriends name (who is now my husband) to wake him up.  It was the weirdest thing cause I could feel my mouth freeze as I opened it along with the rest of my entire body.  I tried desperately to move something… anything.  As my mouth sat open I tried to vocalize a sound and I couldn’t get anything to come out.  My mind raced thinking what am I going to do.  Then something so simple came to my mind.  I thought, logically this doesn’t make sense to be sitting here frozen.  Instantly after that thought, my entire body released from its frozen state.  I had no more fear and my entire being was exhausted and I fell asleep within minutes.  I had never experienced something like that before or since.


Now you can take that for whatever you want, but I believe something truly did happen.  My daughter had not been bothered for a long time after that.  She is now 17 years old, and just recently found out that she still hears things, but chooses to ignore it.  Again, I didn’t discuss it too much with her as I don’t want her to get scared. After all she sleeps in the basement now.



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