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OMG! I’ve got to get out of here. October 27, 2006

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Well it was another long boring day at work.  I’m being trained in a new area of business because what I was doing is going to another center.  I’m so not into learning anything new.  Nor do I want to do what I was doing before.  It was such mind numbing work I think I got stupider everyday because of it.  I use to work accounts, dedicated accounts.  I actually did real work, felt like I accomplished something throughout the day.  Interacted with sales people, customers, and the union member work center people – who because they are union often don’t feel they need to do anything.  Of which I don’t get as I use to live in Wyoming and they have unions.  But I didn’t see the majority of people slacking off because they were apart of one.

Any how, around 1:45 pm I decided to drag myself over to the desk of my co-worker to learn the new stuff I’m going to be doing.  Ugh!  I’m sitting there thinking I don’t care enough about this place to learn it.  Although I know when it comes to me doing the work I will work hard to do it well as my work is a reflection of me.  Doing it poorly is just not in my character.  But I do it for myself not the company I work for. 

As I walked to the printer I looked around at the decorated cubicles and Halloween themes of the teams.  I remembered back to the day that I cared about decorating for the holidays.  Back to the days when work was fun before they changed it all and took the fun out of work and broke my spirit.

As my training for the day ended and walked back to my desk/cubicle all I could think is… “OMG!  I’ve got to get out of here!”  Of course I’ve been saying that for 7 years now, but this year I really do mean it.  I’m more than this place.  I want more.  I envy those who have their dream job or enjoy the work they do or love the company they work for.  Some day…I will be that person.



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